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This guide explains how to use the Link+ consortium, which provides FPU users access to over 11 million library items -- delivered directly to the library or regional centers.

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Link+ : How to search for and request items

Hiebert Library is a member of Link+, a consortium of over 60 libraries in California and Nevada with over 11 million unique items. FPU library users may request items from the Link+ catalog, which will be delivered to Hiebert Library (usually within 2-4 business days) or any of the FPU regional centers (usually within 3-5 business days). You may keep Link+ books for 21 days, with the option of renewing for an additional 21 days. You may have Link+ audio-visual media for 7 days, with no option for renewal. Link+ cannot be used to request e-books or online articles.There is no charge to the library user for this service. 

To access Link+, start by searching in Hiebert Library's discovery service on the library's web page. Enter your desired search term(s) to see a list of resources available through Hiebert Library.

Link+ is used for requesting books or audio-visual resources, so you should limit your search to eliminate online articles. Do this by clicking the "At The Library" facet on the left side of the screen after getting your initial results list (see below). If no such option appears based on the search you performed, then the library has no items matching your search term(s).

At the Library

If the results list doesn't have what you need, then you're ready to try Link+. (Note to regional center users: If you don't have convenient in-person access to Hiebert Library, simply go to Link+ as described below, even if Hiebert Library does have the item you need).

Here's how it works. Let's say that you're looking for information about the group of birds known as gulls. Look near the top of your catalog screen. You'll see information that looks something like this for a search on gulls:

results for gulls



We see that there are only 6 items in Hiebert Library matching that search term (not counting online articles), but 520 in Link+. Click on the word "Linkplus" on the right side of the screen to see the Link+ results list matching your original search.

You have the option of clicking Request from the initial results list, but we recommend that you click on the title first, just to make sure that the particular item really is what you need. Clicking on any of the item titles in the new Link+ results list will display a screen that looks like this, providing additional information about that item:

Gulls items

If the item looks like something you want, clicki on the Request This Item link. That will open the following screen:


Select Fresno Pacific Univ from the drop-down list, and click Submit above information. You will be taken to the following screen:

Link+ login

It is only necessary to type your last name in the name box. In the pickup location box, choose the location that best meets your needs. You may select either the main campus library or any of the regional centers.

That's all you do. The item will be delivered to the pickup location you requested, usually within 2-4 business days (add an additional 1-2 days for delivery to regional centers). You'll receive email notification (to your account) that the book is waiting to be picked up. When you're finished, simply return it to the library or any regional center.

Renewing Link+ items

Link+ books may be checked out for 21 days, and audio-visual media for 7 days. Books (but not a/v media) usually may be renewed for one additional 21-day period. You can find information on how to renew library items in another library guide.  (Please note: titles of Link+ items are currently displaying improperly in this list. The barcode numbers, however, are correct).

Note to main campus users

It is possible to request items through Link+ that already are available in Hiebert Library. We encourage users at the regional centers to use this feature, since it's an easy way for the library to deliver items to them. If you regularly study or work on the main campus, however, we ask that you try not to request items through Link+ that are available in Hiebert Library. You can prevent this from happending by checking the Link+ item record for the list of owner libraries. When you've found an item you want in Link+, click the link indicating that x Link+ libraries have this item. That will take you to a screen like this:

libraries list

We can see from this screen that Fresno Pacific University is not one of the 6 Link+ libraries that owns this item, and you should feel free to request it through Link+. If Fresno Pacific Univ does appear on the list, please come to the library and check it out in person. This applies only to users who are regularly on the main campus. Regional center users should feel free to request any item through Link+, whether or not Hiebert Library has it.