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Direct access to electronic databases and library catalog: Home

These links will allow you to access specific library resources directly. This can be particularly useful when the Encore Discovery Service is offline or malfunctioning.

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Live chat sessions with library staff members are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday during the regular academic year.

If chat is offline, please call 559-453-2090 for assistance during regular library hours.

Direct access to databases and library catalog

All resources available through Hiebert Library may be found by using the Encore Discovery Service. The discovery service combines the resources from the library's catalog together with all online article databases and many other digital resources. Any search done from the library web page or uses the Encore Discovery Service.

Because it combines so many individual resources into a single interface, Encore is a very powerful search tool. For the same reason, however, it may sometimes malfunction. If you experience such problems, it usually is still possible to access all library resources individually. While this isn't as efficient as using a single search interface, it does still allow you to access everything available through the library. The list of links below will allow you to access any of the individual resources normally included in Encore.