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Disability Accommodation Statement

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Ask a Librarian!

Live chat sessions with library staff members are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday during the regular academic year.

If chat is offline, please call 559-453-2090 for assistance during regular library hours.

Disability Accommodation Statement

The Hiebert Library is committed to providing access to materials for all patrons. Please ask for accommodation at the Circulation Desk if you need it. If your disability is invisible, please let us know what your needs are.

The following services are provided:

  • Accessible parking is available in the Parking Lot directly in front of the library. There are several short-term parking spots available right in front of the entrance as well. All of our entrances are handicapped accessible.
  • For assistance with photocopying, visit the Circulation Desk by the library entrance.
  • Accessible restrooms are located near the drinking fountain, to the left past the circulation desk after you've entered the library. Additional accessible restrooms are available on the first floor of McDonald Hall.
  • Circulation staff is available to help with retrieving library materials if aisles are too narrow, or if books are shelved beyond a patron’s reach, etc. Assistance is available at the Circulation Desk as you walk into the building.
  • Staplers, hole punches, etc. are available at the front Circulation desk. Just ask a librarian if you need access. A paper cutter is located in the back cubbyhole alongside the photocopy machine.
  • Read and Write software is installed on computers in the following locations: 1st and 2nd floor computer labs with printers, the computers to the right of the main desk as you walk into the library. (Read & Write computers are marked). Please come to the circulation desk to check out headphones to use these features or bring your own equipment with you.
  • Equipment to enlarge pages of text, etc., is available on the 1st floor of the library, to the right when you enter, near the computers and DVDs. Operation instructions are beside the machine.
  • There is a scanner that can be used with books face up. It is located in the Archives. Ask at the front desk if you need directions or assistance.
  • Study rooms with partitions that shut are available on the 2nd floor (quiet floor) on a first-come-first served basis. The second floor is NOT handicapped accessible. There are several other study rooms located towards the back wall of the library on the 1st floor that are available on a first-come-first served basis by checking out the key from the Circulation Desk. These are not wheelchair accessible. The library is exploring other options to make more study rooms available for our students with special needs.
  • Accessible study carrels are available at the back library wall underneath the stairs and along the window to the courtyard. There is also one accessible study carrel to the right as you enter the library.


FPU Services for Students with Disabilities has a variety of services to assure equal access to all students. Interpreting services, note taking, and exam accommodations for students are the most frequently provided accommodations. Call 559-453-2247, email Disability Services, or go online to arrange appropriate services.