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Adding LibGuides to your Class on Moodle.: Home

This is a step by step guide to assist you in adding an already created library guide to your Moodle Pages.

Why Add a Library Guide to your Moodle Page?

Library Guides are helpful tools that give information and directions/tutorials on using various resources provided by the library. Incorporating them into your Moodle classes will allow students to have direct access on how to use library resources without having to leave their class. This is also a great way to give instruction on using the library without you having the explain every detail numerous times to various students. Incorporating Library Guides into your pages is allowing a direct link to resources right there for not only you, but at your students fingertips, too.

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How to Add

  1. Once you have accessed your Moodle account, and gotten to the class that you would like to add the Library Guide to, “Turn Editing on”  and go to the section where you want to put the guide.
  2. Select the “Add an activity of resource” on the bottom right side.
  3. When the selection window pops up, select the puzzle piece entitled “external tool.” Click “Add.”
  4. This will bring you to a new page. From this page, Name the Activity (Can be the Library Guide’s name, or you can give it a personal touch), then under “Preconfigured tool” select “LibGuides.”  You may then want to adjust some of the settings available in the drop down menus below.
    ‚Äč *If you would like to make this required reading with a Quiz to ensure that they’ve read it, feel free to ask the Instructional Librarian to create the quiz.*
  5.  Select “Save and Display” which will take you to a new screen.
  6. When you reach “LibApps Library Content Selection,” select “”
  7. Under Content Type, often, you’ll want to select “Full LibGuide.” You can select specific boxes or pages that are on guides. We suggest searching through the discovery service for all resources available in the library, so it's generally best not to search specific databases through your Moodle site.  
  8. From there, you’ll want to find your pre-selected guide for “Guide” and select it. For, “Guide Page,” you may want to select Home, which will allow the whole guide to be available, but you can also select a specific page.
  9. Then click “Embed Content.” When it takes you back to your Moodle page, select your addition and click “View Content” to make sure it embedded correctly.

***contact the Instructional Librarian for assistance if your content does not embed as expected.***