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Browsing the Library Stacks via Encore: Home

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Browsing the Library Stacks Via ENCORE

Browsing a library is easy if you come in person. Once you've located one book on the shelf that's relevant to your research interests the books around it are also likely to be related to your topic. Browsing in person is so easy! But how do you browse when you're researching from your computer at home? This library guide will give you several ideas for browsing within the Hiebert Library's Encore search engine.

Long ago when the world was new (or maybe not that long ago), librarians realized that they had a problem. Each librarian was using whatever word they thought was best to organize their resources. Librarians wanted to make things easier to find, not harder, and so they decided to step in and save the world. Librarians created subject headings as a standard controlled vocabulary for all librarians to follow, thus eliminating differences in words that might confuse library users and making things easier for library users to find. These vocabularies evolve with time, and are under constant review to reflect changes in language and culture, etc. Here at the Hiebert Library, we use the Library of Congress Subject Headings for our collection.


You can browse in Encore using subject headings. Open Encore in a new window and choose the In the Library tab (that means we're looking for books). Type in whatever you want and click to open up a book resource found in our library. Now scroll down past details. You'll see something that looks like this screenshot on the left.

You'll notice that among all the other information in this full record, there's a section labeled "Subject" that lists many options in blue. These are all Library of Congress Subject Headings that relate to this particular book. We can click on any one of those choices and it will pull up an Encore search using that LC Subject Heading. All of a sudden, you'll be able to see more resources that have something in common with the one you've found. Every book will have at least one, sometimes many, LC Subject Headings in its Details section. They will all function as clickable links that pull up a new Encore search using those terms.

Interested in what else subject headings can do? To learn how to do searches using subject headings, take a look at our library guide on advanced searching.

Call number browse feature

Encore has another browse feature that is really useful whether you're at home or in the library. In the record you opened before, now scroll up to the "Items" section. You probably already know that this section contains all of the information you need to find this book in the library. But it also contains another browsing ability. Click on the Call No. in blue.

To the left you'll see an example of what pops up. This is a graphical browse feature that allows you to see what is around your original book on the shelf without ever setting foot into the library! Clicking on a book will open the record for that book. You can use the arrows to scan to the left or right of what you can see on your immediate screen

If you go to the top of this little pop-up window and click on "List Browse", it will take you to another way to do the same thing (left). This time you'll notice that instead of a visual bookshelf, you just see a list of the books. The same rule applies here: if you click on a book title it will take you to the full record. Clicking on previous or next will move you through the library shelves.

Could you browse through the ENTIRE library collection this way? Yes, but we don't recommend it. It would take forever!

The last and really neat thing to note about this feature is what it pulls up. When you come to the library in person, you can stand in front of a shelf and see what is there in front of you. When you browse using this Encore feature you can see what would be in front of you at the physical library and you can see what eBooks we have as well. This feature pulls the records for the eBooks from our collection and puts them up in the exact place they would be on the shelves if they were a physical book. This is a neat feature because it's something you only get online.