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Special event sign up and information form for the readings of the Book of Luke.

Readings with Justin

During the spring semester of 2021, Justin Neisler did an internship with Hiebert Library as his senior project for completion of his Communications degree at Fresno Pacific University. Justin is planning to pursue a career in voice work after graduation and wanted an internship that would help him develop the technical skills needed.

William Wordsworth

In honor of National Poetry Month (April) Justin selected to read To My Sister, a poem by William Wordsworth. In his words, “The poem celebrates the arrival of spring and the beauty of the season.”

“To My Sister” by William Wordsworth. Public domain.

Justin used Audacity 3.0.0, a free open-source audio recording software.



Susan B. Anthony

In honor of Women's History Month (March), Justin Neisler selected On Women's Right to Vote, by Susan B. Anthony. The speech was delivered in 1873 shortly after she was arrested for voting in a presidential election. 

Read by BreAnna Trejo, a senior Communication Studies/Sociology major at Fresno Pacific University.  

On Women’s Right to Vote” by Susan B. Anthony. Public Domain

Sojourner Truth

In celebration of Women's History Month, Justin Neisler has selected Ain't I a Woman, by Sojourner Truth. The speech was delivered in 1851 at the Women's Convention in Akron, Ohio. In his words, "Ain't I a Woman, calls attention to the need for equal rights for women of color. Her words are meant to bring unity to the suffrage and abolitionist movements."

Read by Stephanie Fernandez-Magallon, a junior English Major with a Communication minor at Fresno Pacific University.

Advent Readings

For the advent season of 2020, Hiebert Library's community came together and read a chapter of the Gospel as told by Luke each day leading up to Christmas day. Check out the link below to see the community share the Word! You can check them out on our social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, too!