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A guide for getting articles via Article Reach

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Getting what you want from ArticleReach

What is ArticleReach?

ArticleReach is a consortium of international libraries through which you may request digital copies of journal articles not otherwise available through Hiebert Library. To go directly to ArticleReach's request form, click here. Complete directions and video can be found at the bottom of this guide.

Please note that you cannot request books through ArticleReach. Requests for books or other media should be made through Link+ or inter-library loan. 

How do I get articles?

Articles are requested using a process similar to what you're familiar with from Inter-library Loan. Requests are auto-filled from bibliographic records and submitted. Any requests that ArticleReach cannot supply are redirected to the Inter-library Loan system and will be requested there.

To request items, you’ll need to make sure the option to look beyond the library’s collection, on the top left of your results (pictured below). When you come upon an item that is not immediately available,you can select the title that will take you to more information. There, you will see an option to request via ArticleReach. Before you click "Request via ArticleReach," please make sure you've looked everywhere for the resource, as described in our library guide ArticleReach and Inter-library loans: things to consider before you request. Once you've determined that you cannot get this article any other way, click on the "Request via ArticleReach" link. Keep this page open, as it will be helpful for you as you submit your request.




Clicking on that link will open a new window (see the image to the left) for you to enter your student information. Follow the directions on the screen. Note that ArticleReach only requires the first 7 numbers of your ID.





Once you submit that information, a new page will open. Some of the information will auto-fill for you, but please double-check all the information provided against the full record that you opened. We have noticed that ArticleReach sometimes mixes the information up or doesn't include all of it. To make sure your request goes quickly and can be filled, please check this information. You can use the page with the full record that you kept open to check and fill in extra information. This only takes a couple of minutes. If your information is incorrect or incomplete, libraries may not be able to fill your request. There are also blanks for "Need by" dates and to make certain that you have checked for the resource in other places. Once you are sure that you have provided as much information as possible and have filled in any missing information, click submit. Only click submit once. Clicking multiple times generates multiple requests, making libraries' queues longer, meaning it will take more time for them to work through the queue. Submit once and give the program a few minutes to do its work.



To the left here, you can see the initial page that opens. We can find several places where we can add extra information from that full record we got from Encore.

Take a moment to compare this box to the one below...





You can see that in this box to the left we have altered and filled in information. This makes the request more specific and insures that other libraries can find your item more quickly.

Although only the fields in red are required, the more information you can provide, the more likely it is that your request will be filled, and done quickly as well. The success of your request is entirely in your hands.

What if the article I need isn't found in one of the library's databases?

You may find a citation in the course of your research that doesn't appear in any of the library's databases. You can still request such an article through ArticleReach. Go to the main ArticleReach website and start by searching for the journal in which the article appeared. Click on the desired journal title from the results list, and then click the Request Article link. Once you've logged in, you will be taken to a blank form in which to enter the details about the article you need. Be sure to fill out this form as accurately and completely as possible. Failure to do so will probably mean that the supplying library won't be able to fill your request.

What happens next?

Once you click submit, ArticleReach will do its magical work, automatically sending your request to any library in the ArticleReach network whose catalog shows they have access to what you want. You can always check on the status of your request in your Online Library Account. ArticleReach should send an email to you when the article arrives or if it has been canceled. Sometimes the ArticleReach email gets sent to Spam folders, so make sure you mark "" as a safe email address. When your article is available it will arrive in your library account, under the ArticleReach Requests tab. You will be able to access and download it from there. However, if you want to check on it in the interim you will need to look at your online library account.

Below you'll see two screenshot examples of how ArticleReach Requests may show up in your online library account.

In this first example box (below), you will notice that one of the requests has a status reading "Submitted for Interlibrary Loan." If no ArticleReach library can fill the request you have submitted, the ArticleReach system automatically sends it to the librarian in charge of ILL to request there. You will then get a notice when it has been put in for request via the ILL system.

In the second example box (below), you can see that the request was canceled. You can also see the reason that the request was canceled. In this particular instance you could try to re-request the article if you found more information to cite it. This should be available in the full record that was mentioned earlier in this guide (and responses like this are one of the reasons we suggest double-checking and filling in and correcting information before submitting).


Getting the Article

You can access supplied ArticleReach articles in two ways. The first is to sign into your online library account and click on the ArticleReach tab. When the article is available a link to download it will appear there. The ArticleReach system will also send an email to your FPU address. Every once in a while the system may sort the message into your Spam folder, so be aware of that. The email will look like this in your inbox:

 Even if you miss the email, the article will still be available through your online library account for 30 days.

Turnaround Time

ArticleReach typically delivers articles from about 48 hours to 1 week.

That said, please plan ahead. The response times depend on many factors including how quickly other libraries respond to the request and actual availability of the item being requested. If the request ends up being sent to ILL that will further increase the response time. Request early to avoid problems.

Who can request things from ArticleReach?

Any of our undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff can request items we do not have access to through ArticleReach. If, however, the item is available in the library in print you will need to come to the library to get the article. Exceptions may be made for students at our regional campuses or online.

I'm having problems with ArticleReach!

Don't worry. We're here to help. If you're having trouble with ArticleReach, or come across a problem not answered here or in our FAQs, feel free to contact the librarians and ask us what's up.