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Here's what regional campus and online students should know about accessing library resources

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Live chat sessions with library staff members are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday during the regular academic year.

If chat is offline, please call 559-453-2090 for assistance during regular library hours.

Library Services for Regional and Online Students

Hiebert Library, located on the main Fresno Pacific University campus, provides information resources to all of the university's students, faculty, and staff. Here are some helpful tips for regional campus or online students and employees who need access to library resources.

You'll access the library's discovery service by entering information into the library search box available on the library's web page. If you're not familiar with doing this, please refer to our guide, "Finding What You Need in Hiebert Library."

In order to access online resources, you'll be asked to log in to the library's discovery service. Please note that you should not use your Moodle user name or password to log in to the library. You will be prompted to enter your last name as the user name, and the first seven digits (including any 0's) of your university ID #. If you don't know your ID #, there is a link on the login page for you to click and request to have it sent to you.

All regional campus users have access to e-booksarticles in online databases, and print books from the Hiebert Library and Link+. Online students do not have access to Hiebert Library and Link+ print books unless they live near enough to the main campus or one of the regional campuses to pick items up there themselves. Hiebert librarians suggest the online students living too far from the regional campus visit their local public library and work with the Inter-Library Loan department there to get the print books that they need.

Use the tabs above to see what you need to know about these types of resources.

Online Library Account

All FPU faculty, staff, and students can manage and keep track of their library materials, including renewing books, checking on the status of Link+ and ArticleReach requests, etc. via their online library account. Our library guide will help you navigate what this allows you to do and see.

Electronic books

The library has more e-books in its collection than print books, and they can be accessed by any FPU student or employee from anywhere. They can be viewed on any Web-connected device, and don't require any additional software or apps to use. You can find detailed information on using e-books in another guide.

Articles from online databases & ArticleReach

By far the largest number of resources available through the library are the articles in various online databases. Just like e-books, these articles are available to all FPU students and employees from any location. We've got another library guide that describes the process of searching for online articles, so we'll just send you there for the details.

For articles not directly available in full text from one of our databases, you have the option of requesting it through ArticleReach. We have a library guide on ArticleReach that shows you how to do that.

Print books from Link+

Students, faculty, and staff at regional campuses may request printed books and audio-visual resources through Link+, a consortium of almost 60 libraries in California and Nevada with almost 7 million unique items. Link+ items will be sent directly to the main campus or your regional campus for you to pick up. You can find more information about Link+ in another guide. This resource is only available to online students who happen to live near enough to the main campus or a regional campus that they can pick up items at one of those locations.

Print books from Inter-library Loan (ILL)

Students, faculty, and staff at regional campuses may request printed books and audio-visual resources through Inter-library loan (ILL). ILL items can be sent directly to your regional campus for you to pick up if you choose the location. Please read our ILL guide before requesting a book through the ILL system. This resource is only available to online students who happen to live near enough to the main campus or a regional campus that they can pick up items at one of those locations. Please only request items through ILL if you cannot request them through Link+. This is for your benefit, as the turnaround time for ILL materials is significantly longer and unlike Link+ items, ILL items are NOT eligible for renewal.

For online students without convenient access to any FPU campus, we suggest that you find a nearby local library that can provide inter-library loan services for you. Using a local ILL arrangement will be far easier and more efficient.

Returning your books

Just as regional campus and online students may pick up books from their closest regional campus, you are welcome to return them there as well. Return your books to the same place you picked them up. Hand them to someone; do not just leave the books at the desk alone. Ask the person to write the date down on a sticky note to attach to the book so we know what day you returned it. It is also helpful if you email the library and let us know that you have returned the book so we can make sure it returns to us quickly and safely. The book will remain on your account until it is back home at the Hiebert Library. This means you may get overdue notices for a few days until it returns and we have checked it in. However, if you are still getting overdue notices for a book you have returned over 1 1/2 weeks ago, please contact the librarians so we can follow up with the regional campus.

Come visit us!!

And, of course, don't forget that regional campus and online students are always welcome to use Hiebert Library in person. We would love to have you stop by!