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Food and cell phone policies: Home

Food, drink, and cell phones may all be used in Hiebert Library, but we ask you to follow a few basic rules when you do so.

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Food and cell phone policies

Food and drink policy

The library allows food and drinks in the library under the following guidelines:

  • Beverage containers must have secure tops or lids (such as coffee cups with lids, twist top bottles, travel mugs).
  • Food is limited to light snack or wrapped items. No group meals, fast food, or open plates of food are allowed.
  • No greasy, sticky, crumbly, or smelly foods.
  • No outside delivery of food is permitted.
  • Clean up after any spills, or tell a library staff member immediately if there is an accident so that damaged materials can be properly treated and cleaned up.
  • Dispose of food and drink containers in trash bins or recycling bins.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Mennonite Library & Archives.
  • Library users may be asked to remove food or beverage containers if judged by library staff to pose a threat to library furnishing, equipment, or material.

Cell phone use policy

  • When entering the library, please set cell phones and other electronic devices to silent or vibrate mode.
  • Keep cell phone usage to a minimum while in the library, and keep your voice at a low level. If you must have a lengthy phone conversation, please go outside the library to do so.
  • Do not have phone conversations at computer or study stations, in the book stacks, or in areas where other library users are studying nearby.
  • Anyone engaging in disruptive cell phone conversations in the library will be asked by library staff to move outside.