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A Guide to your Online Library Account: Home

A brief rundown of what you can do via your online Library Account.

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Live chat sessions with library staff members are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday during the regular academic year.

If chat is offline, please call 559-453-2090 for assistance during regular library hours.

Your Online Library Account

If you're a registered student or a faculty or staff member at Fresno Pacific University you have an online library account. It is accessible to you anywhere you have internet access. This account lets you do many useful things. Use the Tabs above to see what you can do!

To Access Your Account

  • Go to the library discovery service ( and click Login in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your last name and the first 7 digits of your university ID number. If you don't know your ID number, click on the link below the submit button to retrieve it.
  • If your sign in is successful, you will be returned to the main discovery service home page (Encore), and "My Account" will display at the upper right corner of the screen (next to where you had previously logged in). Click on "My Account" to open your account and see the detailed information explained in the following tabs.
  • Make it a habit to sign-in to your library account before you do any research, particularly if you are off campus. Your ability to access full-text materials through the library catalog is tied to your FPU affiliation. If you are off campus the only way for the Encore search engine to recognize your status is through signing in. 

What can I see?

  • The initial page that you will see is a list of all library items that you currently have checked out. Each item will appear by title with its barcode number and call number in addition to its due date (called "Status" in your account). You'll also be able to see how many times you have renewed that item (note that the library is now actively enforcing its 1 renewal policy).
    • Regular Checkouts: The due date will be displayed.
    • Reserve Checkouts: The due date and exact time materials are due will be displayed.
    • Link+ Checkouts: The due date will be displayed. The barcode and call number may be different for Link+ books.
    • ILL Checkouts: Books you receive via ILL appear among the list of checkouts with the title of "Interlibrary Loan Marker." The due date will be displayed.
  • To the left you will see a list of options for other things you can see. To learn more about those, read the following tab.

What can I do?

  • As mentioned above, your access to full-text articles and e-books through the Hiebert Library is contingent upon your status as faculty, staff, or student. Signing in to your library account insures that the Encore search engine recognizes you as one of these, particularly if you are searching from off campus.
  • You can easily renew your items from this page.
    • Check out our Library Guide on Renewing. You will also be able to see how many times you have renewed each item. Note that if you have any overdue items you will not be able to check out new items until you have renewed the items or returned them to the library. So this account is a good way to keep up on your checked out items.
  • You can choose how you see your checked out items.
    • The default is set to view the items by checkout date, putting the things you've checked out most recently at the bottom and the older checkouts at the top. You may select the "Sort by Due Date" box to have the items displayed by when they're due back to the library. This will put the things that are due back first at the top of the list.
  • You can see the record for the item in the Encore Discovery Service by clicking on the title. You can only do this for items that belong to the Hiebert Library or the Mennonite Library.
  • You can see what fines you may have accrued.
    • Fines existing on your account will be viewable on the Fines tab. If you have an item that is overdue you will also be able to see the amount of fines it has potentially accrued in red in the checkouts section. These fines will not be applied to your account until you return the item. You will need to come into the library to pay your fines, or call with credit card information. Once your fines have hit $5 you will not be able to renew items, check out new items, or view any articles etc. on the databases until you have paid at least some of the fines.
  • If you have requested books from Link+ or if you have any other books being held for you, you can view them by choosing the "Holds" link.
    • This will allow you to see the status of the book (Requested/In transit/Canceled/Re-Requested/Ready, must pick up by...) and the pickup location you previously chose. It will also allow you to cancel the book if for some reason you do not need it anymore.
  • Although there is a tab labeled "ILL," this tab does not currently show you anything. ILL books do not show up on your account until they have been checked out to you at the Hiebert Library, and then they show up in your list of regular checkouts with a Title of "Interlibrary Loan Marker."
  • You can keep track of the status of your article requests via the ArticleReach tab.
    • This will allow you to see the status of the article request (Requested/In transit/Canceled/Submitted for Inter-Library Loan/Filled). When you request articles from ArticleReach they will appear here as a link to a PDF. Access and save the article to your own device as soon as possible to avoid losing access to the article. For more information on ArticleReach, see the Library Guide.
  • You can view any lists you have created.
    • You can search and add items to a list to look at later if you'd like. See the "Creating Lists" tab above for detailed instructions.
  • You can view your "Preferred Searches" which are searches you have previously done and saved for future use.
    • This is particularly helpful if you find yourself searching similar or the same topics over and over again. See the "Creating Preferred Searches" tab above for detailed instructions (THIS TAB IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION & WILL APPEAR WHEN IT IS AVAILABLE).