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Subject Guide: Physical Sciences: Finding books in the library

This guide will help you find the most useful information available through Hiebert Library in the fields of the physical sciences, including physics, geology, and astronomy.

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Call number ranges for the physical sciences

Books in Hiebert Library are arranged using call numbers based on the Library of Congress Classification system. See our guide "How to Read a Call Number" if you need an introduction to how call numbers work.

Most books in the physical sciences can be found in the following call number ranges:

Q: Science (general)

QB: Astronomy

QC: Physics

QE: Geology

Refer to the map of Hiebert Library for help finding where these call number areas are located.

Subject Headings

Library resources in the Hiebert library are organized by subject, using the Library of Congress Classification system. Often, the best way to find resources is by doing a Subject search.

Users often use keyword searches, which can be helpful, but don’t fully capture the collections resources. You can visit the Search Strategies guide to help you strengthen your library searches.

Below are only a sample of useful subject headings you can use to find resources in various areas of the discipline. You can use the Advanced Search in the Search Hiebert Library search boxes embedded throughout the guides to subject search and find resources in the library discovery service.

Useful subject headings






Physics -- Philosophy

Quantum theory