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Link+ (Main Campus): Home

This is a step by step guide for finding and requesting materials with Link+ as patrons of the Main Campus.

Link+ for Main Campus

This guide is for users located on the main campus. Regional campus users should use another guide.

Link+ is a borrowing service that allows us access to 60+ public and university libraries throughout the state of California and Nevada. Link+ allows you to borrow books and multimedia materials for a set amount of time. Books allow for 21 days, with one renewal for an additional 21 days. Multimedia materials allow for one week, with no renewals.

To access Link+ start by searching in the Hiebert Library discovery service. If you don't find what you need there, click on “LINK+” in the right column of the search results page (or at the top of your screen if using a smart phone or other small screen). That will take you to the Link+ discovery page.

Once you find the item that you would like to request, click the blue title heading so that you get a detailed record. Before you click, “Request it”, scroll down to the libraries that have that title and make sure it available.

  1. Take note of which library has it available for the following request.
  2. If it  is available, go ahead and click “Request it"
  3. You will be prompted to select the library that you are coming from. Scroll down to “Fresno Pacific Univ”
  4. Hit Submit.
  5. You will then be prompted to enter your name and type in the first 7 digits of your Student ID number. Do so.
  6. For pick up Location, select “Main Campus”. This will be so for all main campus students, and usually for students of the North Campus.

This process will send a notice to the library you are wanting to borrow materials from. The item will be pulled from their shelf and sent to our library. Once the item makes it to our library, we will process it and you will receive and email that it has arrived. You will have 2 weeks from that date to come to the library and pick up your requested item. The process from request to us receiving the item usually takes 2-3 days.