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Accessing online magazines through Hiebert Library: Home

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Accessing online magazines through Hiebert Library

In addition to its more academic resources, Hiebert Library provides access to many popular magazines in full-text online format. You can use this feature to keep up with current issues of magazines such as Businessweek, Entertainment Weekly, The NewYorker, Popular Mechanics, or Sports Illustrated.

Start by going to the Hiebert Library Web page and clicking on Search the Library. In the search box, type the title of the magazine you'd like to read. It's always a good idea to enclose the title in quotation marks to reduce the number of unwanted results. We'll use "Entertainment Weekly" as our example. You should see a results screen that looks something like this:

Assuming that the library has a license for online access to the magazine, you should see at least one item on the results list for an electronic resource of that title. If you don't see it right away, it might help to click Found in: Title in the gray box on the left side of the screen to reduce the number of other results.

Sometimes the library will have both print and online access to a particular magazine. The description periodical means print (available in the library); electronic resource means full-text online.

There will be one or more links associated with the electronic resource result that say "Available in" followed by the name of the database and the years for which we have online access. Click on one of those links, which will take you to a page that looks like this:

Assuming that you want to read the most recent issue, click on the most recent year or month appearing on the list on the right side of this screen. That will add additional links to the list for each individual issue within that period. Click on the most recent issue, and you'll see a list of articles in that issue, looking something like this:

If you see an option for PDF Full Text, click on that link to read the article. It will appear on the screen as a digital facsimile of the original printed page. If only HTML Full Text is available, then go ahead and choose that. It won't look as good, but all the text will be there.

To move to the next article, look on the left side of the screen to find a navigation menu that looks like this:

Click on the next article on the list to open it.

It might take a little while to get used to the format, but soon you should be reading these online magazines easily. If you have difficulty, feel free to stop by the library and ask for assistance. We'll be happy to help.