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Subject Guide: History: Finding books in the library

This guide will help you find the most useful information available through Hiebert Library in the field of history.

Subject Index

Call number ranges for history

Books in Hiebert Library are arranged using call numbers based on the Library of Congress Classification system. See our guide "How to Read a Call Number" if you need an introduction to how call numbers work.

Most books in the field of history can be found in the following call number ranges:

  C: Auxiliary sciences of history (general)

  CB: History of civilization
  CC: Archaeology
  CD: Diplomatics; Archives; Seals
  CE: Technical chronology; Calendar

  CJ: Numismatics
  CN: Inscriptions; Epigraphy
  CR: Heraldry
  CS: Genealogy
  CT: Biography

  D: History (General)
  DA-DR: Europe
  DS: Asia
  DT: Africa
  DU: Oceania (South Seas)
  DX: Romanies

11-143: America

  151-909: United States

  1-975: United States local history
  1001-1145.2: British America
  1170: French America
  1201-3799: Latin America; Spanish America

HC: Economic history and conditions

  HN: Social history and conditions


Refer to the map of Hiebert Library for help finding where these call number areas are located.

Useful subject headings

Most library users rely on simple keyword searches when looking for items in the library. While keyword searching can work well, it often provides either too many irrelevant results or too few relevant ones. We recommend that you read our guide, Getting Beyond the Keyword, to understand how to use advanced search functions and subject heading searches in the library catalog.

Every item in the Hiebert Library has subject headings attached to it, most based on Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). Searching in the subject field of the Encore Discovery Service using LCSH terms will help ensure that you find resources that really are on the topic that you need. All the items in the list below are approved LCSH terms. You can learn more about how to use LCSH terms in our guide, Getting Beyond the Keyword.

While there are thousands of possible subject terms that could be used when searching for items in the area of history, the following very partial list contains some of the more common ones for that field. In each example below, the results come from a subject search for the listed terms, rather than merely a general keyword search. Click on any of the subject headings below to see the catalog results for that subject search.

Helpful hint: Always consider adding the country, region, or century to whatever search terms you're looking for.




Church history

Civilization, Medieval

Civilization, Modern

Constitutional history


Historic sites


History, Ancient

History -- Methodology

History, Modern

History -- Philosophy

History -- Religious aspects

History -- Study and teaching

International relations -- History

Middle Ages

Military history


Social history

Social movements