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Subject Guide: History: European history

This guide will help you find the most useful information available through Hiebert Library in the field of history.

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Reference sources for European history

The following list includes some of the best reference sources available in Hiebert Library in the field of European history. You may also wish to read our guide on "Understanding Reference Sources" for more information on how to use such sources when doing a research project.

Online Reference Sources

A- Z of Modern Europe since 1789

Biographical Dictionary of British Prime Ministers

A dictionary of British Institutions

Historical Dictionary of Austria

Historical Dictionary of Late Medieval England, 1272-1485

Historical Dictionary of the British Monarchy

The Holocaust Encyclopedia

The Late Medieval Age of Crisis and Renewal, 1300-1500

Renaissance and Reformation, 1500-1620

The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Anglo-Saxon England

The Rise of the Medieval World, 500-1300: A Biographical Dictionary

Print Reference Sources

Annotated Index of Medieval Women

The Blackwell Companion to Modern Irish Culture

Contemporaries of Erasmus

Dictionary of the Middle Ages

13 volumes
+ supplement

Encyclopedia of European Social History

6 volumes

Encyclopedia of Jewish History

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust

4 volumes

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance

The Holocaust Encyclopedia

Medieval England: An Encyclopedia

Medieval France: An Encyclopedia

Medieval Germany: An Encyclopedia

Medieval Iberia: An Encyclopedia

Medieval Scandinavia: An Encyclopedia

Modern Germany: An Encyclopedia of History, People, and Culture, 1871-1990

2 volumes

The New Arthurian Encyclopedia

The New Cambridge Medieval History

Trade, Travel, and Exploration in the Middle Ages

Victorian Britain