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Hiebert Library: Finding Reserve Books

Reserve Books

The library's reserve section serves as a place for instructors to put resources for use by students in specific courses. Items "on reserve" can be checked out at the library's front circulation desk for a short time, between two hours or one day. This allows for more students to have quick and easy access to a valuable resource.


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Finding Reserve Items

To find items on reserve, it is usually best to search by course number or instructor name. Unfortunately, the Library Discovery Service doesn't support this search limitation, so we need to access the Library Catalog. Here is the process:

  1. Go to
  2. From the drop-down menu above the photo of Hiebert Library, select either "Instructor" or "Course".
    • If searching by instructor, you need to enter the name in this manner: (Last, first). It might be easier to even just input the last name alone.
    • If searching by course, you need to enter the course number (e.g. BIOL 100).
  3. The results will show you what items have been placed on hold by that instructor or for that course.

Checking Out Reserve Items

Come to the library's front circulation desk and let staff on service know that you need to check out a reserve item.

Be prepared with the course number, as that is how the shelf is organized, and the title you need.

Library staff will check the item out to you for the designated period.

When you've finished with it, simply return it to the front circulation desk and let staff know.

Overdue fines for reserve items

Unlike most other Library Resources, you will be charged a fine of 25 cents per hour in excess of the reserve due-date if not returned on time.

We do this as often reserve items are in high demand, and other students may be waiting to use the resource. It is very important that reserve items are returned promptly.