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Hiebert Library: Naxos Music Library

What is Naxos?

The Naxos Music Library allows library users to stream classical and world music. It is not a resource for popular music.

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Searching for Naxos music in the discovery service

All Naxos records may be found in the library discovery service. In order to most easily find the Naxos recordings, we suggest that you select Streaming Audio from the Content Type Section in the gray Refine Your Search box on the left side of the results screen. 

To access Naxos directly, you may search for "Naxos Music Library" in the discovery service. This will allow you search for specific recordings within the site itself, and avoid having lots of results from other sites show up in your results.


Limitations of Naxos

Naxos does have a few minor limitations. For instance, Mac Safari is not able to play Naxos recordings. If you typically use this browser, you will need to download another, such as GoogleChrome or FireFox.

Only 3 people are allowed to use Naxos at a time. Because of this, make sure you log out at the top when you are finished using it so other students don't have to wait for your session to time out.

Don't Forget!

Please, don't forget to sign-out of Naxos when you're finished using it. We have only 3 simultaneous licenses for this site, and logging out promptly increases the chances for other people to use it.